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Today, Not Someday

Brian Femminella is an American Entrepreneur, philanthropist, political activist, and member of the United States Army. Femminella is most known for being the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SoundMind. He utilizes his experiences with trauma & other mental illness to advance the company’s development of mobile app technologies that are powered by music in an interactive framework. He is the creator and all things SoundMind, partnering with a-level executives & nonprofit leaders to advance the mission of their company. Femminella’s Work has been featured in Forbes, US Reporter, Kivo Daily, and other top-tier publications. He has worked alongside some of the most influential names in research, to where he has grown to receive international recognition for his publications on artificial intelligence, music therapy & virtual humans. Femminella is also a growing political activist, where he has been a consistent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, mental health policies, and more.

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Brian Femminella is the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

United States Army

Army National Guardsman and USC Army ROTC Cadet


SoundMind is a venture-backed wellness tech company whose mission is to improve the world’s accessibility to mental health resources with music therapy.


As the CEO, his mission started with his passion for social impact to make society more empowered to live bolder and stronger, regardless of their past. 


SoundMind is committed to advancing the field of mental health research and connecting all users to a personalized relaxed and refocused journey of sound.


Sometimes, when you open the app, you’ll just be listening to some kickass music. Other times, you will enter into your own journey with custom-tailored positive association tools to help guide you anytime and anywhere.

USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies 

Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality Research Associate


Brian Femminella enlisted in the Army at 17 years old, where he graduated from Boot Camp at Fort Jackson, SC after his junior year of high school. Over the past four years, Femminella has been working alongside the military & USC ROTC to continue his service. He will commission as a military intelligence (MI) second lieutenant in May 2022.

A Military Case Study: Battle Buddy

User-Centered Design Model for Mobile Health (mHealth) 


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“There's no stopping this young political activist as he pushes for a better world for everyone one day at a time.”

                                                  - US News

“Some people are natural-born leaders. It takes a certain standard to uphold what it means to represent an entire community, let alone the entire American people. Brian Femminella is dedicated to do just that, and his entire life has led to that exact moment."

                                                       - US News

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